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Promotional Program, Affiliate Program


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Toronto Women’s Expo (TWE) and Toronto Business Wealth Summit (TBWS) Promoter Program

Promoter Program Details:

  • 20% of all sales completed and paid for as result of all of the following; VIP passes to May 31st, anything your attendee/invitee purchases, and May 30th luncheon.  The only exclusion is the sale of SpinGym items online or at the events.
  • registered through Your Unique Promo Code for the May 30th & 31th events (the event)
  • purchased a product or service at ‘the event’ from one of our speakers programs/products
  • Commissions to be calculated on;
  • the Gross amount
  • less taxes
  • less any credit card or PayPal fees
  • Promoter commissions will be paid within 10 days of services rendered and receipt of payment to TBWS from our speakers and clearing the bank
  • Promoter commissions are limited to this one-time event and do not carry forward to any other events or from past events
  • There is a possibility of second tier sales when:
  • our speakers are promoting another workshop or program beyond ‘the event’
  • have a larger product to sell
  • your invitee for this event purchases it
  • to be determined per event and stated as such if and when available
  • TWE & TBWS will provide you with your own unique Promoter code
  • TWE & TBWS will provide you with social media posts and email swipe to share, you are welcome to create your own
  • Promoters are not employees of TWE or TBWS.  They are independent contractors and should conduct themselves as such and not represent they work for us.  Violation of this will result in termination of this agreement and commissions will not be paid
  • Promoters will not make any promises or guarantees on any products or services purchased from one of our event speakers, as to whether they will make money from purchasing said products/services.  Violation of this will result in termination of this agreement and commissions will not be paid
  • Minimum of 1 guest (besides you) in order to quality 20% commissions on your own purchases.

As an Promoter with BWS, you agree to;

  • Promote the event through email marketing and social media promotions
  • Personally invite people whom you think would benefit from the conferences
  • Send dedicated emails to your database, list etc.

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