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Our Team

We are excited to present our Team!


Randi Goodman  |   


I am a connector who uses trade shows as a major source of bringing people together face to face. With life being so hectic, we forget to take care of ourselves holistically. I have an invested interest in helping women get much needed ‘me’ time and focus on their needs, whether it is for personal reasons or for business.  We don’t find too much going on in the city that focuses on just ‘us’, empowering and improving ourselves, so I decided that because I enjoy connecting with people and producing events, that we would introduce innovation to women’s events.

I have produced many charity galas as well as school fun fairs, and have taken those experiences to the business world, where I am most comfortable.  Having a few B2B events that were very successful,  as well as women’s focused and real estate events behind me, I believe we can make a difference expanding and growing an empowering women’s expo!

A very incredible woman who holds a special place in my heart, from A Celebration of Women Foundation, Catherine Anne Clarke, posted a great article on her site, please view it here;   http://acelebrationofwomen.org/2012/08/randi-goodman-woman-of-action/



Jin Yang  |   
Business Development Strategist 

CEO of MY AID INC., a marketing partner of TWE, Jin is a business development strategist with 10 years of experiences in media, along with sales and management of various industries. Jin develops business strategies in marketing and branding, focusing on getting more exposure for TWE and successful results.





   Sherry Wilson  |  
                                                     Associate Partner

Sherry Wilson provides support and development services to teams and individuals to increase awareness of strengths to manage resilience in an era of continuous change and need for speed to innovate with new and different solutions.  Inspiring engaged people to manage resilience to change and maintain focus on growth.

Prior to establishing her consulting practice, Sherry was an active senior leader, executive coach, corporate recruiter, sales trainer and workshop facilitator within Rogers, Siemens, Tyco International, Hewlett Packard, and Telus.  Sherry has indepth experience in bringing energy and action to the facilitation process.  The result is that individuals and teams increase their productivity, put their level of engagement to the test, and Sherry assists leaders to leverage their talent in relating more effectively with others.  Her experience spans multiple functions including services delivery, sales, marketing & customer messaging, human resources, sales methodology, presentation skills training and workshop facilitation.

Passionate about promoting innovation in business through mindful leadership that advocates diversity of thought, gender, and cultural perspective…since May 2012, Sherry has played an active and integral role in advising as a Management Consultant and Associate Partner to TWE’s leadership team.  “With an evolved vision for growth, TWE is well positioned to enhance the professional and personal relationships being attracted and kept in the lives of women…and, in extraordinary ways.”

~Sherry Wilson

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