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Action Think Tank

Attention Toronto Entrepreneurs Looking for a Fast Way to Get More Connections, More Leads, and More Money



Join us on Saturday, 15th of March for a morning of great networking and business training to learn the secrets most business owners will never know about how to use other people’s connections, money, and resources to propel your business to the next level.

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Claudia Harvey, Slaying The Dragon

Claudia Harvey is an acclaimed entrepreneur, consultant, keynote speaker, and TV celebrity often remembered, among numerous other projects, for her appearance on the CBC’s popular show Dragons’ Den.

Claudia Co-founded Dig It Apparel Inc and in creating a stellar business pitch, sparked  a bidding war between the two “Dragons” resulting in striking a deal with the most notorious Dragon on the show, Kevin O’Leary.

In her presentation, Claudia recounts her journey from the inception of her business to pitching it to the “dragons”, and the three things that every pitch should have in order to succeed.

Randi Goodman,  How to Grow Your Network

Randi is the author of upcoming book, Empowering Women to Succeed, CEO and Founder of Toronto Women’s Expo, business coach and speaker. She has built a massive email list and there are many people of power and influence on her phone’s speed dial.

However, a few short years ago, she started in the spot when most fledgling entrepreneurs begin: No network, no list, and no money to invest in marketing. Randi shows how anyone can start with nothing, and with just a little bit of elbow grease and can-do attitude, grow their business beyond what they can imagine possible.

Alex Makarski, Rapid List Building

The biggest asset any business can have is a verified opt-in list of its customers and prospects. Alex is an accomplished list builder who has consulted businesses in 21 various industries. He has worked with companies that had lists ranging from a few thousand contacts to 200,000+, helping them create high converting lead pages and efficient online sales funnels.

Alex shows how to build a list quickly, starting from zero, which tools to use, how to lay out a WordPress web page for maximum conversions, and how to bring it a ton of traffic, paid or free.

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Register Now for Only $7

(only 38 seats remaining)

PS: Whatever you want or need but don’t have, is what someone else has. You can build it or acquire it but it takes a long time. Or you can just “borrow it” from others.

PPS: The size of your income is directly connected to the size of your network… or the size of other people’s network (OPN) if you know how to structure a deal with them so they would give you access to it.


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