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Innovative Living’s Seminars & Workshops, Ignite and Inspire Event 2015, Tues. March 10th

Innovative Living Seminars

“Automate Your Productivity Confidently. Be Financially Free! at the Innovative Living’s Ignite and Inspire 2015 Event

Tuesday, March 10

9am – 5pm
Bayview Golf & Country Club, 25 Fairway Heights Dr.
This Live Conference Starts In…

In this Action-Oriented Event,
Discover How to;
  • Automate Your Sales & Marketing
  • Increase your Productivity 10x with Less Work and Stress
  • Easily Brush Aside Fear & Rejection
  • Discover the Secret Foundation for a 6 Figure Income

Century 21 Innovative

Toronto Women’s Expo

Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for… even though they are free.

Meet the Multi-Billion Dollar Mortgage Agent!

Keith D. Watters with Mortgage Alliance Commercial, Mortgage
Agent, author of “Life: An Inside Job”, co-author of “The
Magic Of Real Estate”, trainer, and lecturer.

you ready to take your Real Estate or Mortgage Broker business to the next
level? Do you get frustrated because you know there is one small piece of the
puzzle missing? Do you have the drive to make it in this business? Keith is the
Mortgage Brokers – Broker. He has financed several Billion Dollars in Mortgage
Transactions with Companies he has worked with for 35+ years. He has seen it
all. And now he going to share his secrets for building a strong Six Figure
Income in the Residential and Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Industry.

Fifty People Just Went from ‘Rags’ to Millionaires. Are You the Fifty-First?

Featured numerous times in Success Magazine
and Working at Home Magazine, Andre Maronian is
famous worldwide for creating effective sales teams. His
greatest forte and passion is mentoring people to succeed and prosper in
business. Fifty times his students have turned into millionaires. His methodical and systematic approach to helping sales
teams achieve their short and long term business goals is legendary. If
you would like to close more sales, make more money and be ten times more
productive in 2015, this is the place to be.

Fit is the New Sexy!

Suzan Hart , Breaking Free, Author Trainer Entrepreneur
Suzan will share with you how to distinguise between making money and building wealth. She will show you ow to take control of your time, putting you first. She will show you how to reclaim your health, because fit is the new sexy. She will share with you long term strategies to make you financially free. Suzan will share strategies to have your word be law in the universe and will share how you can understand your worth and claim it.

It’s No Holds Barred! Are You Ready to Unlock Your Greatness?

Do you allow your fear to stop
you dead in your tracks? Do you let Doubt creep into your heart? Dan Blackburn has coached Stanley Cup Champions to realize
their greatness. Do you ever wonder what gave champions that extra edge? Are you
prepared to face success? During the last 16 years of research and
coaching, Dan has seen it ALL, and regardless of your circumstances,
environment or limitations, YOU can achieve greatness. Dan will help you build
your “Pillars of Greatness”. Dan
has helped his clients turn their fears, frustrations and failures into
powerful success stories. Let him do the same for you.

Skyrocket Your Credibility. Be On Everyone’s Mind. Have
Well-Known Radio and TV Personalities Telling Their Audiences About You.

Imagine the phone ringing off the hook, emails flooding into
your Inbox, as eager clients clamor to be represented by you. No more door
knocking. No more boring networking breakfasts. No more rejection. Finally the
shoe is on the other foot.

Darin Adams, Award Winning Television Personality and
Author of “Lights Camera Passion!” Let Darin, teaches the
secret to more than just automating your sales and marketing. In this exclusive
training, he will show you a powerful, but unused system for generating massive
exposure from celebrities and major influencers in your community.

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