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MyAcademy’s Business Wealth Summit – Rochester, NY Sat. March 14, 2015



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Business Wealth Summit – Rochester, NY

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MYACADEMY presents a unique event that will help anyone aspiring to have a stronger year compared to last year! With any NEW YEAR come many resolutions. How many of those resolutions are lost within the first month of it’s declaration? The answer is MOST of them. Over 90% of the world wide New Years resolutions will be lost within thirty days of their get go (or start).

What to expect
– Master building Social Media

– Write your own book

– Be a Leader in your industry

– Turn your assets into income

– Learn the business of Podcasting

– Make money on your passion

– Acquire more customers

– Master your 30 second pitch
– Create an online sales funnel

– Learn how to automate your life

– Mindset required for wealth

– Ten time your sales results


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Business Wealth Summit is a forum for business owners, entrepreneurs, and those exploring their business options. At these high powered events, one will receive genuine business nuggets of information, business skill training, and business tools designed to improve personal, professional, and business success.

Our expert speakers will merge their life experiences with documented proven business success steps which can be applied immediately to any business environment. The result will be a positive impact to your bottom line dollar. Additionally, by hearing from our successful speakers, you’ll experience a mindset shift critical to any desired business success.

If you want to win in business, you can’t afford to miss an event of this magnitude

Speaker Bio’s

Claudia Harvey

She is one of few people to tame a Dragon from the CBC’s Hit, ‘The Dragons’ Den’!

Just starting out? No winning streaks? Not full of confidence? Claudia Harvey knows how you feel AND knows what it takes to overcome those fears! After years of corporate life, she started her own business and successfully pitched her product on The Dragons’ Den. She ‘dug’ deep, withstood the barrage from the Dragons and minutes later, struck a deal with Kevin O’Leary. Want to know how she did it?
She can help you create your personalized Target Roadmap as Claudia shares how to stand out from the crowd. When do you take risk? How do you shift the odds into your favor? What steps can you take to overcome your fears? Claudia answers these questions and more as she demonstrates the link between communication and building wealth!

Sam Crowley

Bankrupt to a Million $$ in 36 months!

How did he do it?Sam Crowley is a former Fortune 100 executive who launched the personal development brand Every Day Is Saturday and the hugely successful website EverydayIsSaturday.com. Sam also is a best-selling co-author, speaker and business coach.As the story goes, Sam would usually arrive home late in the evening just in time to lay his daughter Madeline down to bed each night and answer the same question “Daddy, is tomorrow Saturday?”Madeline asked this question because of Sam’s hectic corporate schedule which only saw him home one day a week – Saturday. Although six nights out of the week, Sam had to answer “No” to the Saturday question, he vowed that someday soon “Every day would be Saturday”.

Sam resigned from the corner office on May 6, 2005 and began what can only be described as an Incredible entrepreneurial journey. Sam documented each step along the way, knowing full well it would become the blueprint for any individual going through massive transition in their life.

Jenny Mckaig

Attract More Clients than you could EVER Imagine….

Do you find it difficult to express your message? Do you find it frustrating when someone doesn’t take action that you know would help them achieve their goals? Do you struggle to find the right word at the right time, missing multiple opportunities? When you are stuck and struggling with your communications, whether verbal or written? Connect with a deeply intuitive style of writing that makes writing—and life—easy, joyful, fulfilled and awakened!

Whether you write books, promotional emails, blog posts, advertisements, Tweets, business plans or reports, Jenny will share her secrets for effortless writing in the flow!

Dan Blackburn

It’s No Holds Barred! Are You Ready to Unlock Your Greatness?

Do you allow your fear to stop you dead in your tracks? Do you let Doubt creep into your heart? Dan Blackburn has coached Stanley Cup Champions to realize their greatness. Do you ever wonder what gave champions that extra edge?

Are you prepared to face success? During the last 16 years of research and coaching, Dan has seen it ALL, and regardless of your circumstances, environment or limitations, YOU can achieve greatness. Dan will help you build your “Pillars of Greatness”. Dan has helped his clients turn their fears, frustrations and failures into powerful success stories. Let him do the same for you.

Randi Goodman

Mom of Four Reveals Her Secret Social SYSTEM to Double or Triple Your Income

What would your business be like if you had a thousand hungry prospects banging on your door 90 days from now? Are you tired of cold calling? Banging on locked doors? What if that was reversed? What if your profile was one of the top 1% viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012? Social sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and many more, give you a reach undreamt of a short 8 years ago.
Randi has used her desire to connect entrepreneurs and businesses with people who need their services and products. Learn success strategies that you can apply immediately bringing you thousands of new prospects every month.

Andre Maronian

Fifty People Went from ‘Rags’ to Millionaires.

Are You the Fifty-First?Featured numerous times in Success Magazine and Working at Home Magazine, Andre Maronian is famous worldwide for creating effective sales teams. His greatest forte and passion is mentoring people to succeed and prosper in business. Fifty times his students have turned into millionaires. His methodical and systematic approach to helping sales teams achieve their short and long term business goals is legendary. If you would like to close more sales, make more money and be ten times more productive in 2015, this is the place to be.

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