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The National Post newspaper is Postmedia Network’s flagship product, taking readers Right to the Point with comprehensive reporting from across the country and around the world. Building on a tradition of more than a hundred years old, every issue includes the Financial Post: Canada’s Business Voice® and home of the best investing and personal finance package in the country. The Post also comes stocked with more commentary than any other national newspaper, including hard-hitting analysis from big thinkers like Andrew Coyne, Christie Blatchford, Rex Murphy, David Frum and Robert Fulford.

Our digital destinations at nationalpost.com and financialpost.com extend National Post’s proud tradition of top-quality reporting and design to the web, delivering an immediate, in-depth, and customizable news experience. Our apps for iOS and Android devices take this commitment even further, making it easy for our readers to enjoy the Post whenever and wherever they choose.


88.5 The Jewel


Jewel 88.5 is an Easy Listening/Adult Contemporary station features Lite Hits from artists such as Elton John, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Chicago, Toni Braxton, Michael Bublé, Madonna and many more contemporary superstars. The Jewel 88.5 attracts the 35+ demographic and is great for listening in your home, work or in the car. Our broadcast contour encompasses the Toronto GTA, the Highway 400 corridor,Newmarket, Orangeville,Barrie,Orillia, Gravenhurst and the Muskokas.



Vinyl 95.3 logo


Vinyl 95.3  is southern Ontario’s newest radio station, featuring artists such as Madonna, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones – music that takes you back down memory lane.  Vinyl 95.3 airs a steady stream of the Greatest Hits.


WORLD HUB ~ Wheel of Women Leaders that Care…our Butterfly Effect has BEGUN !!!


A Celebration of Women new logo small

A Celebration of Women™ is the FIRST global forum where Women Leaders are being ‘celebrated’ for spearheading positive action.  A transformation of the Women’s Movement has begun through our WORLD HUB ~ Wheel of Women Leaders that Care. Through the creation of our Alumni named: WOMEN of ACTION, the butterfly effect begun.

Our WOMEN of ACTION are trailblazers in this millennium, pioneering the new woman’s movement “Equality of Women among Women”, which works to create a sustainable socio-economic independence for all women. True to its advocacy mandate, A Celebration of Women™ is the world hub for all NGOs to celebrate their founders, collaborate in their missions, and TAKE ACTION.

Aimed to create a “pay-it-forward” ripple of positive action, our sister charitable organization named, A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc., was born to shape a better world through building residential homes named Celebration House™.  These homes are mandated to enable the education of young women, graduating future women leaders.

Through our celebration of positive action that is taking place in our world, we attract more women to become leaders and TAKE ACTION in their communities.

Are you ready to join us and become a WOMAN of ACTION?

Shannon Skinner Extraordinary Women TV

Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner is a weekly web TV talk show that profiles women who have the courage to listen to their hearts and take inspired action – and make an difference. Shannon Skinner’s guests are successful women from all walks of life, Canadian and international, who share their dramatic and extraordinary insights on how they made it. Shannon marries her media expertise with her coaching prowess to unlock the secrets of their success. Tune in, see through a new pair of eyes – and be inspired.

Epoch Times logo


“The Epoch Times, your authority on China New.  Aims to enrich the lives of our readers by reporting news that matters with a truly international flavour”







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