September 27th & 28th, 2021

Toronto, Paradise Banquet Hall

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September 27th & 28th, 2021

Toronto, Paradise Banquet Hall

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September 27th & 28th, 2021

Toronto, Paradise Banquet Hall

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10th Anniversary Toronto Women's ExpoEminence Awards & Charity GalaMonday September 27th, 2021


Paradise Banquet Hall7601 Jane St., Vaughan, ON L4K 1X26pm - 10:30pm

    Support an incredible cause; is celebrating it's 12th year and growing and growing. They put smiles on children's faces who fall under the categories of special needs, terminally ill and other.
    ​Meet Keynotes; Jean Augustine and more, who will share their stories of how they have made an impact on other people's lives and how you can too!
    Nominate someone in your community that you believe has made an impact. See details below. We will give out 2 awards, not gender specific.
    ​We will have entertainment, auctions, amazing food and more!
    ​Grab your ticket or grab a table with your friends and family, and enjoy a night out in support of an amazing charity and incredible people who have made an impact in this world!

Purchase Gala Tickets

Single Tickets $125 + taxTable of 8 or 10 gets $50 off the full table price

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If you can pay by credit or debit card, you can click on that option to pay.If you prefer to use Paypal, please fill in the form then email us at info (at) torontowomensexpo (dot) com and we will send you an invoice.

Have a look at our Nominees

Please reserve your Gala ticket and celebrate giving back to others!


Check out our incredible Sponsors:

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    Stuffed Pop It Balloons
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    "Eye-Can" is a unique product designed to motivate and focus people.We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an exciting new fundraising initiative, “Eye- Can”. This product, unlike any other out there, is capable of spanning the generation gap as it is as relative to adults as it is to young children. “Eye-Can” is the motivational tool that serves a dual purpose. It is not only designed to help the owner with a visual hands-on reminder that any goal is achievable but, when purchased, proceeds go to raise important and necessary funds for your organization.

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    Life-long learner and entrepreneur with amazing camera and editing skills - sole proprietor and owner/operator of Di Mauro Photography, established in 2019.Fun and affordable photo sessions for events, milestones, portraits and more!

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    Maple Lions Club

    Every journey begins with a single step. One act of service, one encouraging word, one gift of generosity is often all it takes to bring hope where it’s needed most.
    Over the last 100 years, the kindness of Lions and Leos has multiplied across borders, oceans, and continents. With over 1.4 million members, we now have an opportunity to truly change our world.
    That’s why we’re uniting our global service around five areas of need. These Global Causes present significant challenges to humanity, and we believe it’s our turn to meet them.
    Across the globe, Lions are rolling up their sleeves and taking action. With over 1.4 million members, we’re the largest service organization in the world. And we’re as dedicated to helping those in need today as we were over 100 years ago when we first began.
    With the help of every Lion doing and giving what they can, Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service will meet the challenges facing our communities around the globe. We are your foundation—and together, we can make a powerful impact.
    We’re 1.4 million men and women serving our communities and the world through uncommon kindness. Discover kindness in your community today.
    The New Voices Initiative was created to amplify the stories of those working to support gender parity and diversity in our clubs and districts.

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    RBC Insurance

    Eni Oszlai is an Award winning Financial Doctor, RBC’s TOP Financial Specialist in Canada. She worked over 10 years in the world of investments, managing portfolios of millions of dollars, when a car accident has changed her life. Her journey of healing was part of a massive realization: investing alone is not doing the trick! More holistic solutions are needed – for All! She holds several licences, including for investments, insurance and real estate, which makes her the successful financial doctor who she is today. In addition, she has obtained a Teaching degree and a Master certificate in Adult Education, and successfully completed the Leadership & Coaching course with Noel Walrond, graduate of international best-selling author and master coach, Bob Proctor. Eni has been helping thousands of families, individuals and businesses to reach and surpass their financial goals, increase their revenues while minimizing their tax burden. She is a regular speaker at Ontario’s stages, and she co-authored the book: Empowering Women to Succeed – Volume VI, which is expected to be published late Spring 2020. She has been coaching Ontario’s teams, and has a proven track record of increasing her clients’ businesses, and her teams’ profitability by over 332% within 60 days. How does she do it? Eni has the natural talent of breaking down any financial concept in easy-to-understand terms making her clients feel comfortable, so that they can make educated choices for their future. She works with her clients on a holistic basis using the Law of Attraction, providing a comprehensive, long-term financial plan while connecting them with a wide network of professionals both within and outside of RBC, so that she can provide her clients with state-of-the-art, outside-of-the-box business solutions. Eni is the #1 female financial specialist of Canada within her organization. She also received nomination for the Business Women Networking of York Region Businesswoman of the Year Award and Toronto Waterfront Awards’ Entrepreneurship Award, and is currently nominated at the Toronto Women’s Expo 10th Anniversary Gala for the Eminence Award. Eni can show you how to offset taxes while creating a tax-free estate: the Waterfall concept, so that the family’s wealth stays and grows with the family, not the tax department! In addition, she can show you how to tap into the secrets of the Money Making Machine!

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    Million Dollar Smiles

    Over 10 years ago I started Million Dollar Smiles with the simple goal of wanting to bring smiles to children facing life threatening illnesses. I began with a small group of volunteers and together we helped change the life of 10 families in our first year through our Travelling Teddy Bear campaign. After years of running numerous fund-raising events resulting in many smiles, we have grown into a group of dedicated volunteers who organize fundraisers that support our gift-giving campaigns and special events. 

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    The Marketeer Canada

    The Marketeer Canada is a content marketing agency for coaches and consultants. We help them build an engaged audience, save time and money for themselves and their clients, without giving up their days creating content. The founder has worked alongside marketers for 15 years as both a coach and Product Manager; he's also certified in Web Design, Usability (UX), Pragmatic Marketing Institute and Digital Marketer.

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    Merriam Music

    Founded in 1988 by pianist and educator Alan Merriam, Merriam Music has grown to become one of the largest and most influential piano retail operations in the world, as well as Canada’s largest private music education facility with over 3000 weekly students, and international acclaim for its curriculum and graduates. Merriam maintains two campuses in Toronto; Oakville and Vaughan. Both locations offer school and piano retail services 7 days a week.

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    Lucy Ruth- author, speaker, and a rising award-winning leader. She has been featured in media across the globe including TV and Radio appearances in the U.S.A., India, Pakistan, and Australia. She successfully self-published four eBooks that made it to number 1 bestsellers 5X on Amazon and number 1 New Release titles. Lucy is also the founder of iPublish house, a book publishing company that helps self-published authors to write their books, publish and excel as authors. 

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    New Era Communications

    New Era Communications is a leading professional speaking platform and consultancy company that is dedicated to training, inspiring up, and coming sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Our company targets people who want to raise their game and achieve the highest possible levels of success.

    Over the years, the conventional approach to sales has alternated and grown and therefore sales training must change with it and grow with the times. Clients aren’t looking for salespeople who just do business, but rather, they are looking for businesspeople that can provide solutions.

    Our CEO and team leader is a certified sales professional, Jacqueline Dixon, CSP has devoted her professional life to not only exploring her personal best, but also bringing out the best in others. Her trademarked 7 Step Solutions Sales Process® methods have a proven track record that have made her one of the most sought-after sales training professionals and motivational speaker in Canada.

Our Keynotes:


Hon. Dr. Jean Augustine

  • The Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine became the first Black woman elected to the Parliament of Canada in 1993. As an energetic advocate of social justice, she worked as a teacher, vice-principal, and principal at many elementary schools in Toronto before entering federal politics.She has supported and engaged in numerous organizations involved with education and social justice, serving with the National Black Coalition of Canada, the Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR), the Board of Governors of York University, the Board of Trustees for The Hospital for Sick Children, the Board of Directors of the Donwood Institute, the Board of Harbourfront, and Chair of the Metro Toronto Housing Authority. She was also National President of the Congress of Black Women of Canada .

    Among her many accomplishments as a Member of Parliament, was her introduction of a motion to have February proclaimed as Black History Month in Canada.In 2009, the Hon. Dr. Jean Augustine was appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada (CM). In 2012, she was inducted as a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE ) for her academic achievements and invaluable contribution towards politics, education, women’s rights, and multiculturalism.Hon. Jean Augustine has received Honourary doctorates from seven universities across Canada. Dr. Augustine's journey is inspiring – from her humble beginnings in Happy Hill, Grenada to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. Her tireless journey continues through her work at the Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women's Empowerment in south Etobicoke helping and uplifting girls and young women to achieve success through leadership skills to create social change.  

Anna Lopes, Founder Million Dollar Smiles

Million Dollar Smiles is a non-profit organization that exists to put smiles on the faces of children facing life-threatening illnesses and medical adversity in their everyday life. Since 2007, this is being accomplished through a wide range of fundraising campaigns that support gift-giving and special MDS community events targeted to children up to the age of 18. 
In today’s world we often take many small precious moments for granted, those simple moments that instantly make our lives a little brighter and richer. With every smile given and received, our hearts get a little stronger and in return only bring true happiness.


Hashim Chaudhry, Managing Partner, BG Accounting and Business Solutions Inc.

With over 15 years of senior management and business development experience in a broad range of industries, Hashim brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients. He champions an entrepreneurial mindset and provides out-of-the-box business and tax solutions that help clients to grow their businesses while keeping more of their hard-earned money in their pockets.
Hashim’s knowledge extends to Canadian and US taxation, corporate, and small-business consulting solutions. In addition to his tax knowledge and business planning services, Hashim’s clients also benefit from his extensive experience with financial planning and goal setting.
Married with a young family, Hashim understands that having an effective tax strategy is imperative to gaining financial freedom. Hashim is passionate about teaching his clients how to grow – both personally and professionally. His Pay Less Tax Workshops are an eye-opener for many individuals and businesses on how much taxes they actually pay, and how shifting their mindset allows them to not only save taxes, but also reach their financial goals sooner. 
Clients appreciate his honest and direct approach as well as his ability to connect with their overall goals with compassion and authenticity.
You might notice that I am not Canadian-born. I have seen a lot of poverty and way too much sadness and suffering in my early years. I grew up wanting to be ‘smart and rich’ and having my own family that was not left ‘wanting’ for anything. And I’ve always been a quick thinker, smart on my feet and eager to learn. I have wanted to run my own firm since the age of 13. I love taxes. Some people think that is odd. Not me. We are entering my most favourite part of the year, Tax Time, and I’m not kidding. Many people think of taxes as a burden and have a lot of angst around tax time. The tax deadline is looming, they fear it, their eyes roll…But not me. And not my clients. And I take great pride in that. I help my clients Pay Less Tax, legally (of course). My clients feel no angst. They feel empowered. I have helped them use their businesses to define and upscale their lifestyle. My clients have more fun. Their mindset has changed. They are enjoying themselves AND keeping more of their hard-earned money in their pockets. And this is the common person, not just those born into wealth. “It’s not the money you earn, it’s the money you save.” I take great pride in that.Changing lives … one tax season at a time.

Meet our EMCEE

Claudia Harvey | Successful Entrepreneur

Claudia Harvey

Following her successful corporate career, Claudia Harvey began Dig It Apparel® Inc. and struck a deal with famous venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary. While raising a family of 3, Claudia co-founded BG Wealth Group Inc., BG Property Holdings Inc., and BG Marketing Authority, and became an international keynote speaker and best-selling author. Claudia was awarded the 2019 Top Female Professional Award from The International Association of Top Professionals. In 2019, she joined Oprah Winfrey and other outstanding influencers as a contributing author of America’s Leading Ladies. Philanthropy is paramount to her, and she sits on the Boards of and the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.



Check out our incredible Musicians(please click the arrows to the right and left to view)

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Robert Horvath

Robert Horvath is one of the most versatile pianists, gaining wide recognition in the province of Ontario, he has performed regularly with the CBSO since 2008.
In 2003, Robert was part of the Royal Ontario Museum’s grand re-opening concert. In 2015, Robert has joined to the Payadora Tango Ensemble, In Toronto’s jazz community, too. He played with the best jazz musicians of Canada, such as Dave Young, Drew Jurecka, Bill McBirnie, Ethan Ardinelli, Ross McIntire and June Garber along many other fine jazz musicians.

He founded the Horvath School of Music in 2002, and he has been an assistant teacher for vocal coach Elaine Overholt at the Big Voice Studio in Toronto. Robert was a recipient of a Canada Council grant in 2008. He earned his Masters Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the prestigious Franz Liszt Academy of Music and the Bela Bartok Conservatory of Music in his native Hungary; and his musical ancestry can be traced back to Franz Liszt and Ludwig von Beethoven. 

Heading photo

Craig McRae

Craig McRae has been involved with music his entire life - Son of a Music teacher and professional musician, he was exposed to live music, recording studios and all genres from an early age.
Craig is a talented vocalist and guitar player, session master, and is one of Toronto's best live solo guitarist/vocalists. He has played throughout Europe; regularly tours in Ireland, played throughout North & South America, Africa and Europe.
Craig is one of the owners of Hidden Talent Canada - a live music showcase used to promote singers that sees about 2,000 vocalists a year, and teaches them to be better performers in a contest setting. Craig is the Musical Director for the Toronto Santa Claus parade, and is in several bands in the city, playing corporate events, weddings, bars and parties. Craig's vast musical knowledge and guitar collection allows him to be one of the top session players for a number of recording studios in the city.

Heading photo

Antonia de Wolfe

Antonia de Wolfe, M.Mus., B.Mus.,
Piano Studies and Interpretation, Music Theory

Ms. Antonia de Wolfe has graduated with a degree in piano performance from the George Enescu Institute of Music in Bucharest, Romania and, later, with another degree from the Central School of Music affiliated with the P. I. Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow. She has also graduated from the Academia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome, where she studied with Sergio Perticaroli, and has earned a Master in Music (piano performance) degree from the University of Toronto. In addition, Ms. de Wolfe has studied with Maestro S. Petricaroli at Mozarteum Hochschule für Musik in Salzburg (Austria). Ms. de Wolfe has given several recitals and concerts in some of the finest concert halls in Bucharest, Moscow, Rome, Paris, Salzburg, and Toronto. She has also taught piano at the Columbus Centre, Cosmo school of Music, and Koffler Music School. As a collaborative pianist and accompanist, she has been in great demand for several productions of the Centuries Opera Association, Toronto Opera Repertoire, Palestrina Choir, Ethobicoke Centennial Choir, and others. Ms. de Wolfe is a registered teacher with Royal Conservatory of Music. She offers professional piano classes at her home studio.

Heading photo

Terence Lushington

A Singer, Performer, Motivational Speaker , Mentor ,Coach and Trainer for over 25 years. He has been an Emcee for over 18 Relationship Marketing Companies/MLMs, as well as being in a leadership role opening quite a few Global Markets such as the Philippines, Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong, India and North America.Terence is a man of all trades; a Master of Ceremonies for business opportunities and Event Gala’s , Event and Sales Director for Foundations ,charitable events , social and business activities. a Live and Silent Auction Planner for mostly charitable fund raising, a Singer and performer, a Gifted Facial Reader and help those in need of assistance in reaching their needs and goals.

Heading photo

Victoria Gydov

Victoria Gydov, originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, has lived, trained and performed in Europe, the U.S. and Canada for many years. As a classically trained, award-wining Soprano, recording/voice-over artist, actress, songwriter/lyricist; she is experienced in presenting opera, operetta, oratorio, art songs, crossover, pop, musical theatre, jazz, Christian, EDM, and recently, film-inspired vocal music. She has appeared as a soloist in concert in churches, theatres, halls, and at festivals, fundraisers, special events, as well as on TV, radio and recordings. Victoria has performed with various symphony orchestras and jazz big bands in the U.S. and Canada. Victoria wrote lyrics for and performed operatic vocals on the song, “Lux Tua”, an EDM/Opera fusion piece by Hibernate, signed onto the “Perfecto Records” label. Victoria is one of three featured vocalists on L.A.-based, pianist/epic cinematic composer, Jo Blankenburg’s newest album, “Sentience”, released on May 26, 2021.

Heading photo

Karina Kiraly

Karina is a multi award winning dancer, who is also passionate about Hungarian poetry, as she won several silver and gold medals in local and international competitions.At the gentle age of six, she got accepted into the Bach’s Children’s Choir, Upon graduating from the choir, she started her solo career as a singer first at Cosmo Music, later as part of a Musical Theatre performance at the Fever International Dance competition. Since 2013 Karina performed solos and duets at various Hungarian events, galas and fundraisers, and she was featured in the Ontario Hungarian TV stations. In 2016 she participated in the Oroksegunk (Our Heritage) production filmed by Paks TV Hungary.Karina continues to sing solo and duet performances at various events in Hungarian, English, French and Spanish.Last year, Karina started her own YouTube channel: KanDo _ and was accepted to study at Toronto’s very best vocal studio: Elaine Overholt's Big Voice Studio. Her current vocal coach, Kat Lucas regularly performed with Pink.

Heading photo

Leslie Huyler

Leslie is a Percussionist, Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist and in his spare time, a Gourmet Cook.
He moved to Toronto, Canada from Nassau, Bahamas when he found Love.
He was the front man for the Soul Setters R&B band for 10 years;
played with Fullish Behaviour R&B band for 2 years; played with Benny King, Eddie Bullen, Chris Smith, and others.
Leslie Huyler and Friends is the band he currently records and plays with. His band mates are: Eric St-Laurent on bass, and Natalie Wong on violin and backup vocals, Scott Neary on guitar and backup vocals. Leslie is the lead vocalist and percussionist on their recordings.

Heading photo

Daryus Anthony

Daryus 19’ comes from a musical background. Growing up he has won many musical competitions at his music school playing Piano and Bass and has performed at many Concerts and festivals. Graduating from Metalworks institute for professional Sound & business, Daryus strives to build his brand and find success with his career.


Thank you to all of our amazing Volunteers who work tirelessly to make this event top notch for us to enjoy!


Click Here to Grab your Gala tickets Here

Company picture

About the Producer

Randi Goodman,Real Estate Broker,Toronto Women's Expo & Membership Program,Empowering Women to Succeed, 365 Empowering Stories &Wealth Summits

The Toronto Women’s Expo is on it’s 10th year and is a one-day combination seminar-and-trade-show, designed to take you to the next level of success in your personal life and your business life.
New products and services can be found by networking with entrepreneurs at the exhibitor tables ... and new clients, partners and mentors can be found by networking with other attendees just like you.

Only the best appear on our stage and they give everything they’ve got ... their knowledge, tools and resources ... to help you succeed.
Randi has found her calling in the world of personal and professional growth for women and men, through the sharing of tools and resources through many mediums to help people all over the World! Her past Management of a manufacturing company and being a 4th level CMA has given Randi hands on experience and success in the business world. Randi found her passion for business.
As an 8x #1 International Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and 2nd Dan in Karate, Randi’s goal is to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with useful knowledge to help enhance their businesses and personal growth.

Randi, along with her youngest son of 4 boys, David, got her real estate license so she can help more people in a field that she is passionate about.

Randi’s passion for helping others lead her to run several Charity Gala’s. Her strong business sense and vast business experience, prompted her to create Business to Business events, workshops and a podcast show including the Toronto’s Women’s Expo, the Empowering Women to Succeed Conference, the Wealth Summit and the Empowerment Radio Show. Trained to speak on stage, Randi shares her knowledge and expertise with small business & entrepreneurs all over the world.

Randi has produced almost 200 #1 International best-selling authors with her book series, Empowering Women to Succeed, which has become a major success internationally, and the 365 Empowering Stories book. 

Over the years she has dedicated herself to learning the technology of marketing online and uses that expertise in networking, marketing, social media, email marketing, lead pages, digital marketing, building sales funnels, podcasting, book writing, publishing, and monetizing to help others step to have more success in their businesses.
Randi has over 67,000 students with her online courses in over 169 countries. She has showcased hundreds of experts on her podcast show and her events showcase numerous experts on stage, promote 100s of exhibitors and coaches corner experts and connect 1000s of entrepreneurs.

She has built an incredible following on social media organically and has helped numerous people have their own marketing success.

Randi practices what she preaches and is passionate about sharing the right information with entrepreneurs and ensuring they are connected to the people that are able to help them achieve results!

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Event FAQ

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    ● Free Parking!
    ● North & South ends of the building


    ● Wed. March 24th, 2021● Individual ticket $125● Save $50 per table if taking a whole table of 8 or 10● Includes dinner, entertainment, dancing


    ● Pre-Gala Cocktail● Lots of incredible entertainment● Food Stations, so much fun! Kosher meals available upon early request● Silent & Live Auctions● Celebration of Nominees, those making an impact on their communities● 2 Awards to be given, One Male & One Female (or however they identify)● Be inspired by what others do to share as much as they can in light of helping others get past their struggles and elevating themselves.● Grow yourself, find out how you too can make an impact on your communities and beyond.


    Paradise Banquet Hall7601 Jane St. Vaughan, ON L4K 1X2


    ● 6:00pm - 10:30pm



Toronto Women's ExpoMarch 24 & 25, 2021
Paradise Banquet Hall7601 Jane St, Concord, ONL4K 1X2

info (at) torontowomensexpo (dot) com