May 5 & 6, 2020

Toronto, Paradise Banquet Hall

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May 5 & 6, 2020

Toronto, Paradise Banquet Hall

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May 5 & 6, 2020

Toronto, Paradise Banquet Hall

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Come celebrate our Impactors at the Toronto Women's ExpoEminence Awards & Charity Gala onTues. May 5th at Paradise Banquet Hall in VaughanDoors open at 6 pm

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Ameera Ameerullah

Ameera has been in the mortgage industry since 2001. She worked tirelessly with a drive to succeed and ranked her way up, setting unique benchmarks in the Canadian mortgage and lending industry. Ameera built several companies from ground up with the support of her dynamic and brilliant team.

Ameera is an award-winning Mortgage Broker who maintains high integrity and received several accolades for her outstanding work. To name a few – Top Commercial Brokers, Alternative Broker Specialist, Best and Brightest Stars, Top Broker, Best Alternative Lending Broker of the Year and Women of Influence among many others as published in CMP Magazine and Mortgage Brokers News. She is known for bridging the gap in the alternative sector of the Canadian mortgage industry.

On a personal front, while her career has been extraordinarily successful and demanding, she manages to maintain a sense of balance in her life through family relations and a commitment to building a better life for the underprivileged and vulnerable. Ameera is a social service worker, philanthropist, and a strong advocate for human rights. From a young age, she developed this humble side and care for the elderly and orphaned children. Her purpose is to empower, nurture and create a peaceful lifestyle for others. Ameera is also committed to teaching young children and others especially women about financial literacy and empowering them to become contributing members of society. She received the recognition for her ongoing volunteered contribution Community Leader, Human Rights Advocate – Government of Canada.

Ameera volunteers her time to work with youths in the criminal justice system, survivors of sexual and physical abuse and individual’s living with addiction and mental illness. She is a proud supporter to Jean Tweed, Casey House in Toronto, Covenant House Toronto, One Parent, North York Women’s Shelter, Sick Kids Hospital, A Celebration of Women, Children’s Aid Society, Red Cross, International Development and Relief Foundation, Islamic Relief Canada, Rohr Chabad of NDG, and Centre of Mental Health and Addictions.

Ameera is also the Founder of The Homeless & Orphan Foundation of Canada. As of 2017, she ventured into fulfilling one of her dreams of helping the elderly. She is the CEO and Treasurer of HCS Innovative Healthcare Services Inc.

“Success did not happen overnight, it took me more than a decade of hard work, commitment, choice networking, an ethical business practice, and much stumbling along with the way to get here. You also have to have a “Never Give Up” attitude” Says Ameera.


Assiatou Diallo

Assiatou Madina Diallo, determined and determined, leaves Guinea to continue her studies in Canada. She first enrolled in a human resources management course at HEC Montreal.

In parallel with her duties at CFT, Assiatou is developing her business project - a cleaning company - part-time with the assistance of La Passerelle IDE, a support organization offering integration services to Francophones. She decided to start doing it full time in September 2016.

A bet won because a little later, his cleaning company TAAB Cleaning Inc. was born and since then, it has continued to shine.

In high demand, the founder and general manager of TAAB Cleaning Inc is also a member of several associations including the following: the Association of Francophone Business Women ( AFAF ), the Alliance Économique Francophone ( AÉF ), Women Executive Network ( WXN ) and the Canadian Small Business Women .

The one who continues to chain success after success tells us that she particularly cherishes three of her many achievements. “The first is participation in the adaptation and development of new Francophone newcomers to Toronto, as part of my last position at the CFT. "

And to add: “The second is definitely the fact of having offered positions to more than ten women in need. My commitment is to hire only women who have been victims of domestic or family violence. It is a satisfaction to participate in their independence and to know that they are safe. "

The third accomplishment of which she is particularly proud is her nomination by the Canada International Black Women Event (CIBWE) as one of the 100 women entrepreneurs of great potential (“ 100 Black Women to Watch ”).

It should be noted that the young woman was also elected spokesperson by Passage Canada. “I was very moved and surprised by these appointments. It is an honor to be part of this group of influential women. It is also a pleasure to have the opportunity to make presentations in schools, around the Francophonie, diversity and inclusion. "


Deanna Anene

Wife and mother of three, Deanna has worked tirelessly within her community to improve it while serving her clients and friends.
Always available to assist while participating as a Board of Director with such organizations as the Elizabeth Fry Society, Anishnabeg Outreach, Catholic Women's League and schools parent council. She is proud of her family and celebrates her successes quietly. She is the recipient of RE/MAX 100% club award and has embarked on the new and exciting endeavor of creating a group of professional realtor (the Anene Walker Group) while becoming a Broker and Seniors Real Estate Specialist. She always has a smile for you and is a true unsung hero.


Joanne Chrobot

Joanne Chrobot loves helping others. For the past 24 years she and her team have been delivering baskets to those in need in the GTA. For their 25th anniversary, Basket Brigade Canada was created and approved as a federally registered charity. This year 2735 families across the country will receive baskets at Thanksgiving with a few receiving baskets at Christmas.

Basket Brigade use United Achievers to deliver all across the GTA. They have branches all across Canada and they find people in need, gather food and deliver to them. They go to Agencies and Churches to find families, as they want to make sure the families are legit. We need to help each other especially hungry families. Each family receives a turkey, one 10 lb. Bag of potatoes, fruits and vegetables and non-perishables. They are looking for volunteer drivers and donations, of course. Volunteers feel satisfied and dedicated. If teenagers work for Basket Brigade they can earn their volunteer hours. 


Wilma Aguila

Wilma is a free sprit who takes life in strides. She did not come from humble beginnings. In fact, it was quite the contrary. Hers was a privileged childhood surrounded by the finer things in life but elected instead to abandon those luxuries and leave home. Her objective: learn more about herself, about people and cultures with such passion that she left all behind in search of real life experiences she could use to fulfill her passion to help others. Wilma is a World Traveller interested in culture, lifestyle and understanding the human sprit and inner strength. She is passionate about helping others and has donated a lot of time and resources to charitable causes. Wilma has a BS Chemical Engineering degree and is also an Entrepreneur. As a business owner she has helped many people change their outlook and perspective on life. She settled in Toronto and is the mother of an independent son.
Over the course of her life, she has been fortunate enough to have had many experiences which taught her allot of skills and lessons that made her the strong woman she is today. She’s followed the motto that will conquers all. If there is one then there is always a way, a resolution to all life’s challenges. She has seen and observed how frequently, and intensely personal stressors and many physical and emotional obstacles dominate our minds. During her growing up years, her daily routine is reading a motivational quote each day. Until it became a habit to her not just to read the quotes but practice it and share it to others. So, she became passionate about helping, giving, listening and motivating people.
It is her belief that we are all responsible to make choices in our lives. And she made the choice to redirect her life energy towards helping and motivating people on a metaphysical level.


Vishal Chityal

A forward thinker and inspirational leader, Vishal Chityal has founded a number of dynamic and highly successful companies which have all thrived under his guidance. His innovative entrepreneurship has launched numerous groundbreaking startup organizations which all exist today as top performing front-runners within their respective industries.
Being an exceptional leader and CEO, Vishal is an award-winning recipient which recognizes his commitment and hard work. Imparting his knowledge and experience with others is indicative of his unyielding passion. Through dedication and perseverance, he has led the way for many professionals to succeed and thrive under his guidance. Mentoring, empowering, supporting and developing people in various capacities allows him to give back to others through his own personal success.
Beyond his role as a CEO and Mentor, Vishal has been a trailblazer and advocate for providing individuals with a new beginning in life. His relentless efforts in giving people the dignity and respect they deserve, are echoed in his ongoing community partnerships, industry advocacy, and philanthropy. In the face of adversity, his compassion and perseverance continue to thrive.


Janette Burke

Janette Burke is Executive Producer, Janette Burke Productions and Host/Creator of Janette’s TV (formerly Janette’s I’m Every Woman! TV) and Janette’s TV Podcast - an online lifestyle TV show and podcast for women (and smart men), ages 30-55. With an over 5 million following worldwide and 450 aired episodes to date, the show, currently in Season 9 features A-list celebrities, thought-leaders, game-changers and experts in various fields who from entertainment, sports, fashion, food, dating, relationships, sex, aging, leadership, business, money, finance, must-have products and everything in-between, delve into an array of personal and professional issues.  
Janette is also a Media Mentor & Trainer via Janette’s Trade Secrets. One-to-One or in Groups, her Media and Presentation & Performance Mentoring/Training for camera, stage or corporate interactions is ideal for CEO’s, executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and sales agents who struggle to…
Effectively express themselves & spread their message.Position themselves as experts in their fields.Be extensively promoted on social media, blogs & websites.Get booked on TV, radio, pod, webcasts, conferences & conventions.And look, sound & feel their best in the process. Whether you have a traditional media, pod or webcast interview scheduled, need to prepare for an important speech, panel, talk or TEDTalk, want to add videos (including Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube LIVES) to your marketing mix or simply become a better communicator when engaging with prospective clients, investors, sponsors or staff, Janette knows how to get you on-camera, on-stage and conversation ready. From messaging, scripting, using a teleprompter, body language, voice-techniques, image and more, she works with you to vastly improve your communication, presentation and performance skills, so you appear polished and professional for every opportunity and audience.


Dr. Yvonne Oswald

Yvonne Oswald PhD, recognized global leader of Human Empowerment is the award winning, best-selling author of ‘Every Word has Power’, now in eleven languages, and co-author of the Amazon #1 best seller ‘Cracking the Rich Code’ (2019). Dr. Yvonne is at the leading edge of the new field of Human Behavioral Technology. Ranked in the top 5 in the world Global NLP Gurus, she has an outstanding reputation for her exciting, innovative, fun, and interactive trainings in corporate, public and private sectors. She is a renowned and respected International Keynote Speaker, Communications and Sales Trainer, Master Trainer of NLP, and Master Trainer of Hypnosis. U.S. National Awards include: NATH ‘Most Unique Contribution to the Field of Clinical Hypnosis’ for her unique techniques in changing negative self-talk and DNA Transformation, and the COVR Visionary Award nomination for ‘Mind Magic’, her pioneering process of clearing a negative emotion in less than a minute. Her work with war vets, sexual/emotional abuse, PTSD and depression is outstanding. Dr. Yvonne’s unparalleled 4 hour Breakthrough Blueprint is a remarkable innovation in the field of Neurological Medicine. 
A British born, certified teacher with 20+ years’ experience, Dr. Yvonne clears challenges for every audience (Internet, live, radio, and television) and assists others to go beyond their boundaries to reach the success they desire. Her You Tube channel is freely available worldwide.


Pauline Smiley

Pauline is an entrepreneur who owns and operates two businesses in the Durham Region. She is the co-owner and president of Livewell Pathway Healthcare Services. It is a proud Canadian home healthcare company that is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for seniors and those living with temporary, progressive or chronic illnesses and diseases. Pauline believes that the role of a caregiver, while challenging, is a privilege that should be embraced.

Pauline is also is the owner and principal mortgage broker of Livewell Mortgage Plus, a well-rounded brokerage of residential and commercial mortgages.
Pauline holds the following designations; bachelor’s degree in Religious Education, Certified Elderly Planning Counsellor, an Aging in Place Specialist, a Senior Real Estate Specialist, a Director for the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade, founder of the Pickering Caregiver Support Group, founder of RIB Connection. In her role as First Lady Life by Design Worship Centre, she leads many community groups and activities with seniors and youths. Pauline is co-author of the book 365 Empowering Stories.


Alicia Vianga

Alicia and her company Premier Jour have been featured as a pre and post breast augmentation bra fitter on Hollywood’s 10 Best This Week, Entertainment Tonight Canada, CFRB 1010, Rogers Day Time TV, Weddingbells Magazine, Toronto Star, Slice TV’s Plastic Makes Perfect, LOVE INC, Jeanne Beker Post News, SNAP Magazines, and Avenue Magazine. Premier Jour was also voted the Best of the Best Readers Choice Lingerie Boutique in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016.Alicia strongly believes in giving back to the community. She is an active board member of the Corso Italia BIA, whose goal is to preserve and promote the beautiful neighbourhood of St. Clair West in Toronto. Alicia also supports non-profit events such as The Jeanne Lottie Pink Bedroom Party, and Covenant House-Celebrate Mom.  Alicia founded after BREAST CANCER, a charity that provide resources that contribute to a woman’s Quality of Life (QOL) after breast cancer with the aimed at ensuring survivors of breast cancer lacking financial means have access to necessities such as bras and/or prosthesis. Alicia understands that when women move from breast cancer patient to breast cancer survivor, the world is a different place for them. Obtaining properly fitted prosthesis and bras enables survivors to begin their journey to regain their self confidence and restore their feeling of being whole again.


Antoinetta Botticelli

Antonietta is a business owner for her company called abotti with Antonietta that runs fitness classes in Stouffville, Aurora, Vaughan and Uxbridge. She is a WW coach in Stouffville. She is an inspirational/motivational person who is dedicated to providing fitness and health to her communities. She is also always giving back to the community by arranging food drives for the food bank and distributing clothing to the homeless. In her spare time she is an active member of her church and sings in the choir. She also organizes free nature walks to encourage us to stay fit outside the fitness class environment. She has also promoted others by spreading the word of their local businesses.
This woman had a 25 percent chance of living due to being severely overweight, depressed and diabetic, she was hospitalized. She knew something had to change to survive. Staring to walk 20 minutes a day she then joined WW, fast forward she is a WW coach and has her own exercise company. She is unbelievably supportive and is spreading fitness and love as a lifestyle, She is the kindest, most genuine person you will ever meet. She has a gift for helping others, making exercise fun, and spreading goodness. She brings people together who then start helping, encouraging, supporting others. Her tribe is growing and has close to 1000 members if not more. She is changing people's lives for the better. She is Mother Teresa of health and wellness.  


Eni Oszlai

Eni Oszlai is an Award winning Financial Doctor, RBC’s TOP Financial Specialist in Canada. She worked over 10 years in the world of investments, managing portfolios of millions of dollars, when a car accident has changed her life. Her journey of healing was part of a massive realization: investing alone is not doing the trick! More holistic solutions are needed – for All! She holds several licences, including for investments, insurance and real estate, which
makes her the successful financial doctor who she is today. In addition, she has obtained a Teaching degree and a Master certificate in Adult Education, and successfully completed the Leadership & Coaching course with Noel Walrond, graduate of international best-selling author and master coach, Bob Proctor. Eni has been helping thousands of families, individuals and businesses to reach and surpass their financial goals, increase their revenues while minimizing their tax burden. She is a regular speaker at Ontario’s stages, and has been invited to several Media shows, and was asked to write a book. She is a lead coach for Ontario’s teams, and has a proven track record of increasing her clients’ businesses, and her teams’ profitability by over 338% within 60 days. How does she do it? Eni has the natural talent of breaking down any financial
concept in easy-to-understand terms making her clients feel comfortable, so that they can make educated choices for their future. She works with her clients on a holistic basis using the Law of Attraction, providing a comprehensive, long-term financial plan while connecting them with a wide network of professionals both within and outside of RBC, so
that she can provide her clients with state-of-the-art,
outside-of-the-box business solutions. Eni talks about how to offset taxes while creating a tax-free estate: the Waterfall concept, so that the family’s wealth stays and grows with the family, not the tax department! In addition, she can show you how to tap into the secrets of the Money Making Machine!
Her philanthropic side: She is sponsoring a child from
Senegal through World Vision for the past 10+ years. She's a regular donor to World Vision, The Canadian Cancer Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, The Princess Margaret Hospital, Sick Kinds and the United Way, amongst many other charities. She is a leading activist with Global Citizen eradiating worldvide poverty, combatting human trafficing and worldwide pollution, and fighting for humanitarian and environmental issues. As part of her involvement in teh Global Citizen movement, the organization was able to raise almost $1Billion USD to end Extreme Poverty.


Enza Ruscillo

Enza has been raising funds, awareness for various causes - autism & refugees, women & young girls empowerment, the homeless, at risk youth & countless other charities for more than 25 years.
She created BIG LOVE in support of Disaster relief in Dominica & Puerto Rico. Most recently, she launched BIG LOVE 2 in support of Organ Donor Awareness & Kidney Disease For their friend Jason Rumball.
She supports other people's charitable causes by hosting, raising funds & awareness.
Her latest charitable efforts focused on vulnerable seniors.. She put out a call to action for house wares & toiletries.. Her goal was to furnish 22 apartments and she surpassed that with the kindness of her community. She is currently focussed on Adopt a Senior - housewares, clothing and goodies as well as Mens Shelter - 140 pair of socks & coats..
She has adopted 4 families- 2 refugee famiilies providing a Christmas Hamper filled with food , new clothes and Xmas decorations. She is a true community hero.


Jessica Santonato

Based in Toronto, Canada, Jessica Santonato is an inspirational speaker who shares the message of forgiveness and finding the gift in painful experiences. She is an award-winning author featured alongside Lisa Nicholas, Neale Donald Walsch, and SARK in a book series called "Pebbles in the Pond". In her latest memoir “Flip The Script” (February 2020 release), she shares her journey of living a criminal lifestyle, assault, attempted suicide and domestic violence before the age of 30, to her rise in conscious leadership and humanitarian work by the age of 35. Recognized for her leadership abilities, she was one of three people chosen by an American personal development company to help more than a thousand entrepreneurs from across all continents achieve success through the power of vivid story sharing and communication.
Flip The Script, an organization Jessica founded, is a raw and unfiltered story sharing community where everyday people inspirationally share how they've overcome adversity and discovered the gift in their pain. Proceeds from events support their story sharing program 'From the Streets to the Stage' for men with criminal histories and/or who are recovering from addiction by giving them a platform to share their stories and uncover the gift in their pain so they can live on purpose.
She has been featured in media such as CBC Radio, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Rogers TV and various podcasts, and has given talks at TEDx, Humber College, Mississauga City Hall, inner-city schools and at an event for international peace activist/conscious hip-hop artist, Emmanuel Jal.


Jody Steinhauer

Fueled by my entrepreneurial passion and commitment to helping others, I founded an award-winning discount wholesale & promotional products company and a national charity focusing on giving back to my local community and across the country. This was the catalyst for our new social enterprise Kits for a Cause.


Lavinia Latham

Lavinia Latham was the 2011-2012 National President of the Black Law Students Association of Canada where she used her position to cure the organization’s historical financial deficit. Lavinia has over four years of experience in general litigation before various courts and administrative tribunals including the Supreme Court of Canada, Federal Court, and Superior Court of Justice (SCJ). More specifically, Lavinia has developed effective litigation strategies and drafted persuasive leave to intervene factums before the SCC on three matters of national importance: British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal v. Schrenk(2017), Wing Wha Wong v. Her Majesty The Queen(2017), and Tran v. Canada Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness(2017). She also successfully litigated a section 12 Charter application before the SCJ which resulted in the striking down of mandatory minimum sentences pursuant to s. 99(2)(a) of the Criminal Code (R v. O'Neil Harriott).

Lavinia’s ardent advocacy can be witnessed publicly on various national news networks including Global News, CBC, 680 News, and Toronto Star. Lavinia appeared before the United Nations to discuss the anti-Black racism climate in Canada; and she drafted over ten articles for Thomson Reuters FindLaw Canada. Lavinia successfully advocated her client's rights before the Office of the Independent Police Review Director for the reversal of its own decision to refer a TPS investigation back to the offending TPS; and she effectively had her client's trespassing charges dismissed before the Ontario Court of Justice. 


Linda Procopio

Linda Procopio is a nutrition expert that specializes in helping others live long and vital lives. With many years of practical experience, Linda is always on the leading edge of exciting and proactive approaches to personal health.

Linda devotes her spare time to the community by volunteering for the Kids Help Phone through Bell (volunteer since 2004)

She also volunteers to help feed those in need with Second Harvest by making a small monthly donation to help feed families in need, supporting and attending Second Harvest events. (Volunteer since 2016)

Linda created a Meet up group as well with her Business partner Sandra to teach different groups of people how to think positive and change their mindset
She also partnered with Sandra to start their own Vaughan City collective with Fem City inspiring women to exceed their business goals.
(Volunteer since 2017)

Linda volunteers to help with the Toronto Women’s Expo
With Randi Goodman
(Volunteer since 2017)

Linda is a co-author with the Empowering Women to Succeed series of books with Randi Goodman. (2018)
This series was written to help inspire people to succeed and overcome challenges.

Her generosity and commitment to the community is what makes Linda feel so rewarded when it comes to helping others which is her passion.
Her goal for the future is to become a full time philanthropist.


Lynette Evans

Lynette Evans ‘wise-heart-woman’ understands wearing many hats. As professional, wife, mother-of-three, elder, Lynette is "a breath-of-fresh-air"; “a voice-of-reason”, “calm-in-a-storm”. Her insights, experience, advice is sought widely by coaching clients and colleagues.

Lynette models confidence and high-performance excellence, exemplified as coach, teacher, athlete, singer/musician of 15+ years with a charity-focussed Cantores Celestes. She inspires, and pursues her own passions.

With keen observation skills, developed as a natural scientist, Lynette quickly realized education systems miss opportunities for some young minds to reach their potential. She brought programs for outreach, crises intervention, community resources, academic and character development to Northwest Toronto elementary, middle and high schools at a time when “mindfulness” was not yet accepted for its benefits.

Before cell phones, where families couldn’t afford computers, the high-tech learning lab, CyberScience was born out of Lynette’s vision and team-building. It tackled the problem of how to bring science and technology to students who did not see themselves in these careers. 25 years later, she continues to meet graduates who have gone on to achieve major successes. The program spawned a number of advantages for students including high-tech coop skills training in the Emery Business community, conferences, increased scholarship awardees, participation in annual robotics competitions - and other whole school events.

Lynette’s coaching work with parent’s and sensitive youth will continue after retirement. Young adults need support overcoming emotional barriers, finding passion in their work to be better prepared for post-secondary education and new choices in life.


Lavinia Latham

Lavinia Latham was the 2011-2012 National President of the Black Law Students Association of Canada where she used her position to cure the organization’s historical financial deficit. Lavinia has over four years of experience in general litigation before various courts and administrative tribunals including the Supreme Court of Canada, Federal Court, and Superior Court of Justice (SCJ). More specifically, Lavinia has developed effective litigation strategies and drafted persuasive leave to intervene factums before the SCC on three matters of national importance: British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal v. Schrenk(2017), Wing Wha Wong v. Her Majesty The Queen(2017), and Tran v. Canada Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness(2017). She also successfully litigated a section 12 Charter application before the SCJ which resulted in the striking down of mandatory minimum sentences pursuant to s. 99(2)(a) of the Criminal Code (R v. O'Neil Harriott). 
Lavinia’s ardent advocacy can be witnessed publicly on various national news networks including Global News, CBC, 680 News, and Toronto Star. Lavinia appeared before the United Nations to discuss the anti-Black racism climate in Canada; and she drafted over ten articles for Thomson Reuters FindLaw Canada. Lavinia successfully advocated her client's rights before the Office of the Independent Police Review Director for the reversal of its own decision to refer a TPS investigation back to the offending TPS; and she effectively had her client's trespassing charges dismissed before the Ontario Court of Justice. 


Marlene Marco

Marlene Marco is a “Connector of People and a Creator of Opportunities”! She’s known as Durham Region’s Queen of Networking and she’s the Founder and Facilitator of the highly successful Heart of Networking Events! Recently, Heart Of Networking expanded to include an online membership base to increase visibility and expand the circle of influence for all involved.
Marlene loves to facilitate the connections that help individuals to move forward. She has been an entrepreneur her entire career, so Marlene speaks from firsthand experience. Helping others succeed IS her passion – whether it is through networking connections or helping them sharpen their professional image with fashion and accessories. Marlene is keenly aware that everything you wear makes a statement. The key is to align your “statement” with your message.
Marlene was named the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade 2018 Business Person of the Year and is very involved in the local business community.
She is honoured to chair 100 Women Who Care Ajax, Pickering, Whitby and gladly volunteers her time to MC their events and to help the organizing committee to run effectively.
Marlene’s brand is best summed up as #StyleSparkleConnect


Marnie Grundman

Marnie Grundman has been featured on over 100 major television and radio shows in Canada, the United States and Europe including TEDx, Breakfast Television, Global News, CP24 News, The Marilyn Denis Show, Young Justice, Here and Now CBC, NewsTalk 1010, CJAD, and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse.
A child who belonged to no one, missing at the age of 13, she spent years living on the streets where she experienced the worst of humanity first-hand. In her darkest hours, while living in an apartment complex sauna, she was sure that everyone who knew her had forgotten that she even existed. It was in those desperate hours that she decided she was paying up front for a better life that lay ahead.
What began as a story of healing led to one of triumph, of the power of the human spirit, of one woman's surthrival against all odds. Marnie has since become an advocate for the missing, working to change the perception of runaway children so they might finally get the help they desperately need.


Mat Teofilo

An award winning singer, pianist, songwriter, and composer, Songsbury has been blessed with being able to work with some of the greats in the music industry (Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Diplo). As an artist who is constantly growing and looking ahead, Songsbury is already creating and shaping the sound of tomorrow with his soulful blend of his diverse musical tastes and experiences. Every performance brings audiences on a journey that is unlike any other; connecting on a level that is beyond mere entertainment.
To fully understand the artist, all one needs to do is experience the art. Everything you want to know is sung out in every lyric and played out in every melody. Reading a biography will only scratch the surface of who Songsbury is, and as all biographies are, they are simply a snapshot of an earlier time. They do not determine what is to come. That being said, please accept the invitation Songsbury has put forth:
“Leave my history in the past where it belongs, and instead, be a part of my future.”
Songsbury is a deeply caring soul who regularly gives back. Some of his regular volunteer work include: leading the church choir, providing musical services at masses and funerals; playing music in senior homes across the GTA to provide healing and joy to the elderly; visiting the elderly and helping them with various tasks (eating, mobility, laundry, etc.); and he is also a youth group leader.
In addition to above, he has provided his talent and time to perform at multiple charity concerts benefiting causes such as: Free Them, Earthquake in Nepal, Sick Kinds Hospital, and multiple cancer fundraisers.
Songsbury’s latest charity work is to perform at the Toronto Women’s Expo’s 10th Anniversary Charity Gala, benefiting Million Dollar Smiles, a non for profit organization supporting families with terminally ill or special needs children. Mat has displayed unparalleled work ethics, full integrity and the highest degree of professionalism during the entire preparation phase. He made all parties and co-entertainers feel comfortable, welcome, and at the same time, we all had tremendous fun and joy working with him. He has a great sense of humour and respect for others’ ideas, at the same time, his tremendous experience and knowledge in the entertainment industry and his humanity truly made a difference in making this Gala a huge success.
Million Dollar Smiles has chosen Songsbury’s song ‘Smile’ as their official branding and marketing song to bring awareness of their philanthropic work of supporting families with terminally ill and special needs children.
Songsbury is not only an immensely talented musician, singer-songwriter and producer, but he truly connects with everyone involved at a much deeper level ever experienced by anyone else before. As a result, his audience is raving about him.
Songsbury is available for bookings both as an artist and as a music producer. He will elevate your event’s entertainment, so that you and your guests can be touched by the exceptional care and professionalism that is his second nature, and that special experience that you and your guests will talk about for years to come.


Nikki Clarke

Jamaican born, Nikki Clarke, holds a Diploma in Social Sciences from John Abbott College and at, McGill University, studied Film and Communications. Nikki was an instructor at Sheridan College, in the Faculty of Early Childhood Education, the School of Business, and Community Development from 1999 to 2009. Nikki was elected the President of the Ontario Black History Society in 2015. Nikki’s third book, Transforming Lives, One Story at a Time: Powerful Stories of Success and Inspiration, an anthology of empowering reflections was published in 2017. Nikki is the founder, producer and host of the Nikki Clarke Show. Nikki was the NDP MPP Candidate for Mississauga Malton in 2018 and MP Candidate in 2019. Nikki serves on The Human Trafficking Advisory Board in Peel, Director of Policy and Research for Keep 6ix, an organization that supports the prevention of youth in the criminal justice system and a member of the Black Community Advisory Council of the United Way of Greater Toronto. Nikki is an ordained lay pastor. She was recently nominated for the Breaking Boundaries for Social Justice by Ontario NDP’s Women’s Committee.


Paul Ciaravella

I was born in Italy I have been in Canada 50 years Oct 4th 1968. I learned many trades being a chef working on cars played baseball to soccer and track n field, all 3 for 30 years. I moved on to become top salesman with a large firm after that I got married 1993. We started our own business a bit later on in life tragedy hit us health challenges. I ended up taking several nutrition courses 2008 when I got diagnosed with Parkinson's 2013. I wrote my first book it's title is Shaken But in Control 2016 second book (are you eating organic), my energy is vibrant and I am writing 3 more books, when my body allows it. I became an author of the 365 Empowering Stories book and I don't take for granted there are many good authors there and I appreciate them .  
Paul always is in the presence of joy and passion to help people he wrote 3 books one of them is about Parkinson's his book it is called ''shaken but in control'' he truly knows his knowledge about nutrition he is a master the other book are you eating organic?


Sandra Didomenico

Sandra Didomenico is a hair wellness expert and mentor. She helps women and men elevate their professional image.

She is a co-author with Empowering Women to Succeed. She is very passionate about helping others achieve greatness.

Sandra created a meet up group along with her business partner Linda Procopio.
She was able to share her personal experiences to inspire and motivate groups of individuals to think positive and have fulfilling lives with their personal and business life.

She also manages the Vaughan Fem City collective along with Linda Procopio.
Volunteering her time to meet with a group of entrepreneurs that are looking for guidance and ideas to start their own business. (2018- present)

She is a volunteer for the upcoming Toronto Womens Expo working with Randi Goodman on the fundraising committee. (2020)

Sandra volunteers to help her favorite charity which is Million Dollar Smiles. She was able to help build a playground for kids that are ill and unable to attend the public playgrounds.


Manish Agarwal

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Yulia Urukova Martins

Yulia Urukova Martins is a speaker, workshop facilitator and Performance Coach. She is dedicated to working with high-achieving entrepreneurs and professionals who strive to live to their full potential in serving others with purpose and passion. As a process improvement professional and recovering “super-achiever”, so she took on her mat leave as an “implementation” project to find balance and flow. Yulia wants to share her experience of finding and applying the best ideas to set in order every area of life - productivity, mindset, mental health, relationships, self-care, and everything in between - as a professional and a mom.
Yulia and her family live downtown Toronto where she moved from Scarborough just before her daughter was born.


Mandy Branham

Mandy Branham is an inspired investor with a global vision to Impact the housing in the world. She's passionate about changing the trajectory of every persons financial future with real estate as the vehicle for generational legacy. Mandy is the recipient of REIN Canada's 2019 JV of the Year showcasing the emphasis she has on Value Based Partnerships as a mode of constantly expanding her business on all levels.


Iby Gyorgyjakab

Iby is a hydration specialist and Certified Enagic® Trainer. She is on a global mission to assist thousands of people, families and businesses to improve their lives and improve their business returns with the world’s most nutritious water: Kangen water. Iby is educating the public on how to improve their immune system by detoxifying their body on a cellular level. Kangen water is negatively charged and is the strongest known antioxidant on the planet. Have you heard of the “Dirty Dozen”? Many vegetables and fruits bring more pesticides to our diet than nutrients. Kangen water can help with your everyday cooking needs, as it does reduce the toxins and improves the absorption of our food’s nutrients, effectively improving your family’s health. In addition, Iby can teach you how to reduce your household’s chemical footprint while creating the clean environment your family and guests will compliment you on. Iby can also show you how you can increase your involvement in saving our planet by reducing the plastic pollution.

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