Toronto, ON December 2,2020 -- The Toronto Women’s Expo (TWE) Membership Program is a global membership and networking group that is launching December 1st, 2020. TWE offers a platform to learn and connect, to have the opportunity to teach others and draw them to you as new clients, and to be a mentor or coach - as well as be coached. The group delivers all kinds of services that support small and micro-businesses. As part of their introduction, TWE is offering free membership to people who register before December 31st, 2020.

Randi Goodman, Founder and CEO of TWE, has a goal to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with useful knowledge to help enhance their businesses and personal growth. “I love the mental income I get from being a conduit to connections being made, relationships being built, and millions of dollars being traded through transactions in business,” said Goodman.

Goodman is joined by Mimi Thrasher, Founder of the Performance Coaching Team, and Sarah Clarke, Owner of Dufferin Media, this team of women have a passion for personal and professional growth. Through sharing of TWE tools and resources to both men and women, they are excited to help people all over the world.

"I love working alongside Randi on The Toronto Women’s Expo Membership Program because it allows me the opportunity to bring a like-minded tribe together in a collaboration that results in professional success and personal peace,” said Mimi Thrasher.

The Toronto Women's Expo has always been about growth, connection, building relationships and giving back. It's a platform for one to meet new people, discover new products and services, find new clients, share and discover new knowledge and to showcase your business. The overall feeling is warm and welcoming, hence a beautiful community has been built. We want to expand on this service so we can encompass more people and provide more of an opportunity for those searching.

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The Toronto Women’s Expo was founded ten years ago by CEO Randi Goodman. TWE is a platform that provides tools and resources to help entrepreneurs grow personally and professionally. The membership program has helped 1000s connect, joint venture and do business together.

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